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Yogini Republic Studio is an all-inclusive fitness facility located in a commercial area, which caters to women. The studio offers a range of group fitness classes taught by certified instructors that are committed to your health and fitness goals.

Available classes:

  • Yoga Melt, Yoga 101, Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flexibility, Vinyasa Yoga.
  • Piloxing, Zumba Fitness, HIIT & FBX.
  • Ballet in Collaboration with Aurora Dance School (Toddlers & Kids)

2018 Pricing

2018 Pricing

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March 2018 Timetable

A beginner's guide to yoga. Expand the foundation of yoga practice by emphasizing on the basics of yoga, including postures and Pranayama (breath work).
Improve your flexibility by learning to bend, stretch and lengthen your body beyond its limit using safe yoga techniques.
An introductory class designed to sculpt muscle, burn fat and tone your entire body by focusing on yoga poses with an introduction to yoga flow that builds core strength.
Gentle, slow paced yoga style focusing on controlled breathing & holding poses for a short time. Ideal for beginners & those looking for relaxation.
Vigorous & synchronized flow from one posture to the next in a fast pace. Great for those looking to strengthen their bodies & intermediates who have taken frequent classes with slower paces.
Non-stop cardio fusion of standing pilates, boxing & dance. Increase your fitness level, boost strength & gain results.
Latin-inspired cardio-dance workout using music and choreographed steps to form a fitness party atmosphere, combining both fast and slow rhythm that tones and sculpts the body.
A non-aerobic, muscle toning class, performing traditional weight training moves that focuses on core strength using dumbbells.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) alternates between low, moderate to high intensity intervals. Increase both aerobic & anaerobic endurance while burning more fat.
Fatburn Extreme (FBX) is a 20 minute scientifically proven workout to maximize results in minimum time. Boost metabolism, improve speed & power with boydweight.

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