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Suhaili Micheline Dance

Malaysian dancer Suhaili Micheline is no stranger in the dance community.  A finalist in Malaysia’s So You Think You Can Dance Season 1 and avid fitness enthusiast, Suhaili Micheline  is also VP of AURORA Dance School. Suhaili’s notable involvement in the performing arts for SK!N – an interactive theater project aiming to raise awareness about human trafficking puts her on the map as an inspiration for us all. We ask Suhaili about her passion, motivation and all that jazz in today’s #YRliving featured post. Let’s delve into what motivates her and what makes her dance!

I never liked the gym at all. Not til I met some very inspirational individuals. Humbled by their achievements, encouragement, motivation and knowledge I learnt so much in gym training that I could apply in dance and in principals of life. It’s the start of the process and a matter of trust. Stay consistent and you will see amazing results. – Suhaili Micheline

1. How did you first get into the art of dance?

When my mom was conceiving me, she was already running her dance school business and since then I was always tagging along to her studio.

2. What’s the best way to always keep being inspired?

Attend performances, talking to emerging artists and dancers, always attend available workshops and classes when possible.

3. Have you ever had “off days” where you felt de-motivated? What keeps you going in such situations?

Of course. It’s totally normal to have off days especially the challenging ones. The question is how do you get yourself back into the game smartly? Reading the right books as a tool to manage your challenges for one thing. Also make sure to reflect on the good things and what you have done to achieve them. Utilize any space, play some music and improvise in expressing yourself.

4. Describe Aurora Dance School in 3 words.

Perseverance, Loyalty & Family.

5. What are the challenges that young aspiring dancers face these days & what’s your advice to them?

Lack of funding to build themselves through productions can be difficult and the self care. You will need to build a thick skin to be prepared for the worst. In other words, stay positive and don’t give up. When you are in doubt, take the time to focus on your body; eat well, get enough sleep and don’t forget to exercise. After all, a dancer’s body is the most precious instrument that we have.

6. The number one song you can always dance to?

I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd

7. Your favourite cheat day meal is?

I don’t have a cheat meal to be honest. I just eat moderately and enjoy the good things in life while constantly keeping my workouts in check.

8. What’s your best kept beauty secret?

Sufficient sleep and drink 2 glasses of water as soon as you are awake.

9. People find gyms intimidating. What do you think & what would you say about it?

I hated the gym, literally. What changed my perception was my friend’s passion towards the gym and what it has done for them. If you keep finding excuses, nothing will come to a realization. Hard work does pay off and with the right focused mindset, you will get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

10. If you could swap lives with anyone, who would it be & why?

I’d swap lives with Audrey Hepburn. She is a beautiful soul who has done so much for herself and has committed towards helping raise humanity in the world. To me she is a hero and we need more people like her to make a difference.

5 key takeaways to note from today’s feature:

  • When you do something with love & passion you get positive results.
  • Always remember the good and recall in order to learn from it.
  • In bad times, focus on self-care and rejuvenate.
  • Excuses only hinder you from your goal. Change your perspective and take action with focused intent.
  • Take chances at volunteering or participating in worthy causes to instill gratitude and compassion.

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